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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

What is a Slip and Fall Case?

Slipping and falling can be a painful, costly experience and one of the most frequent types of personal injury incidents. These accidents can happen anywhere, from a grocery store to your own home. Injuries can range from minor to life-threatening, so it is important to know what to do if you experience a slip and fall accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Victims of slip and fall accidents may be able to file a slip and fall lawsuit against the property owner or manager responsible for their injuries and we can help the slip and fall victims to secure a compensation that they deserve. 

At Babaians Law Firm, our experienced Glendale slip and fall accident lawyer will aggressively represent you and fight for you to recover maximum compensation. We have a proven track record of success in slip and fall cases and we are dedicated to getting our clients the best possible outcome. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

A slip and fall accident may sound like a general term for any unfortunate incident that causes someone to fall down. However, this is actually a legal classification of a certain kind of premises liability claim. A slip and fall injury is usually caused by circumstances outside of the victim’s control and is often the result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. 

What is Trip and Fall?

A slip and fall, also known as a trip and fall, is when a person trips over an obstacle and falls. This can happen anywhere, but most commonly occurs in places like stores or homes. 

Slip and falls often result in injuries, ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious broken bones or head injuries. Common hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents include wet floors, loose carpets, uneven sidewalks, and cluttered walkways. 

Slip & Fall Accident Attorney

Is a Fall Considered an Accident?

Falling means losing stability or settling down on ground. It is one of the deadliest accidents worldwide in addition to personal injuries, especially in the elderly. 
Falls among elderly persons can lead to serious injuries. According to CDC in 2005 15,000 people over 65 died from a fall accident. The second leading cause of injury related death for people between 65 and 84 is fall accidents. 
The word accident is defined as an event that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally. So, a fall can be called an accident when it is not planned and you did not mean to do it. If a slip and fall accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, then the victim may have a slip and fall claim against the at-fault party.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many things that can lead to a slip and fall accident. Among the numerous causes are the following:

Leaky roofs, wet floor surfaces, and slippery floors are some of the main dangerous conditions that can result into a slip and fall accident. This type of accident happens when the surface a person is walking on has been compromised due to water, oil or ice. When water seeps into a porous surface it can make it slick or slippery while standing or walking on it.

Cords that are not covered or mounted properly can easily become tripping hazards, leading to serious injury on both public or private property. Even if the cord is low to the ground, it can still be a hazard if someone trips over it or steps on it.

A Slip and Fall case can happen when someone encounters an uneven surface, such as a sidewalk, or an area that has become wet or slippery. Common causes of slip and fall injuries include cracked sidewalks, potholes, loose carpeting, icy walkways. Uneven floor surfaces can be caused by several things like weathering from heavy rains or snowfall, gradual erosion from foot traffic, poor construction materials and methods, and inadequate maintenance.

Whether you are on a residential property or commercial property loose carpeting or rugs can be a major cause of slip and fall accidents due to their unsteady nature. When carpets are not properly attached to the floor, they can lack proper padding which can lead to tripping and slipping. Loose carpets also often lack proper traction which makes it difficult to keep balance when walking.

Inadequate lighting is another risk factor for slip and fall accidents because it makes it difficult to see any hidden hazards in the area. Poor visibility can also lead to a lack of situational awareness for those walking on the property. As a result of these factors combined with human error such as running or not paying close attention to their surroundings, slip and fall accidents occur frequently.

Clutter on the floor or stairs is one of the leading causes of accidents, as it can create an unsafe walking environment. When items such as boxes, toys, wires, clothes, hoses, extension cords and other objects are left lying around on floors or stairs, it increases the chances for a person to trip over them and become injured. It is important to keep floors and stairways clear of clutter in order to avoid slip and fall accidents from occurring.
Property owners should take steps to prevent such incidents from happening by ensuring that all areas used by people are kept clean, organized and well-lit at all times.

Broken furniture, such as chairs, tables, and stools, are all common sources of accidents. Such pieces of furniture may become unsteady due to weak or broken legs or joints.

Failing to put up warning signs or neglecting to adequately block hazardous areas like construction sites can also lead to liability in a slip and fall injury.

There are other conditions that make a slip and fall accident more likely. Medical conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, vision impairments, and mobility issues can lead to a higher likelihood of such accidents. Some medications can cause side effects like dizziness. In these cases, one should make sure they take their medications the way it has been prescribe to them and avoid activities that has been mentioned on their medication.
Additional scenarios that may also lead to a fall accident includes being in a rush or walking while distracted.
However, just because any of these conditions exist, it doesn’t mean you are less deserving of compensation for your fall injuries.
Schedule a free consultation with our slip and fall lawyer in Glendale for your slip and fall claim so that we can evaluate your slip and fall case and determine how we can help you.


What are the most common types of slip and fall injuries that occur in the United States each year?

Slipping and falling can result in serious injuries that could cause prolonged harm. According to NFSI(National Floor Safety Institute) falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits every year which is roughly 20% of all ER visits. 

Slip and fall accidents are 12% of the 8 million fall accidents, which means 1 million people who experience a slip and fall accident end up in emergency room for immediate care for injuries sustained. 

While there are no limits to the types of injuries you may sustain in a slip and fall accident, there are some that are more common. They include:

Fall Accident Lawyer

A slip and fall injury can cause a sprain, which is defined as an injury to a ligament. Ligaments are the bands of tissue that connect bones to each other at a joint. A slip and fall on an icy sidewalk might cause a sprain when your foot twists under you and your weight bearing bones move out of place at the ankle joint. The movement of the bone tears the ligament that connects the two bones.
A bad sprain can feel just like a fracture, with pain, swelling and bruising. Sometimes, you might even hear or feel a “pop” when the injury occurs. However, with a fracture, you would also have difficulty moving the injured body part. If you think you’ve sprained something in a slip and fall, it’s important to see a doctor right away for an evaluation and possible treatment.
Depending on the severity of the sprain, treatment might include rest, ice, elevation and over-the-counter pain medications. More severe sprains might require immobilization in a splint or cast and physical therapy.

Broken arms, ankles, or wrists are some of the most common injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents. These injuries can be very serious, and in some cases may require surgery. If you have suffered a broken arm, ankle, or wrist as a result of a slip and fall accident, you may be able to file a slip and fall claim.

Facial fractures and broken teeth are common slip and fall injuries. The face is particularly vulnerable to injury because it is relatively unprotected and unprotected falls can result in serious damage. Common facial fractures include those of the nose, orbital bones, cheekbones and jawbone. Broken teeth are also a common type of facial injury, and can range from a simple chip to a complete break.
In some cases, people suffering from facial fractures or broken teeth may also experience other injuries, such as concussion or head trauma. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to minimize the risk of further injury.

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating and life-changing. They can cause a person to lose mobility or feeling in their limbs, and in some cases they can even be fatal. If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury, it is important to seek legal help. A Los Angeles slip and fall attorney can help you file a slip and fall lawsuit.

One of the most common slip and fall injuries is a hip fracture. This type of injury occurs when the hip bone is broken, typically as a result of a fall onto a hard surface. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of hip fractures in older adults. Broken pelvic bones are another type of slip and fall injury that can be extremely painful and debilitating. These fractures can occur when the pelvis is crushed, such as when a person falls from a height or is involved in a car accident.
Treatment for hip fractures and broken pelvic bones typically involves surgery and a lengthy recovery period. Many people who suffer these types of injuries never fully recover and are left with chronic pain and mobility issues.

When thinking about serious injuries the first thing that would come to one’s mind is a brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions are a type of slip and fall injury that can occur when someone falls and hits their head on a hard surface. Concussions are the most common type of TBI, and they can range from mild to severe. Symptoms of a concussion may include headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, and loss of consciousness. Most concussions will resolve within a few days or weeks with rest and relaxation. However, some people may experience more serious symptoms that can last for months or even years.
Treatment for a concussion may include over-the-counter pain medication, physical therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove damaged tissue or relieve pressure on the brain.
These injuries can vary in severity, from soft tissue injuries that will heal on their own to a more serious fracture or head injury that may require surgery or long-term treatment.
Approximately 20% of fall accidents result in a severe injury. Brain and spinal cord injuries are especially troubling as they can have a substantial impact on a person’s ability to function in their everyday lives. Falls cause about 40% of all reported traumatic brain injuries and 26% of spinal cord injuries.
When you need a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve, you can trust the team at Babaians Law Firm. We are located in Glendale but we cover all of Los Angeles County and California. We offer free consultations to ensure that cost does not prevent you from obtaining the legal representation you need.

What to do If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident?

A slip and fall accident can happen at any time and at any place, and they are often the result of someone else’s negligence. They can result in serious injuries and life-threatening conditions.

Whether the incident took place at a store, the mall, a parking lot or someone else’s home, you might be entitled to compensation. Here are the steps you must take after suffering from a slip and fall accident in California:

Seek Medical Attention

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, and it is important to seek medical treatment immediately following any slip or fall. In some cases, people may suffer facial fractures or broken teeth, spinal cord injuries, hip fractures or broken pelvic bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or concussions as a result of the accident. Treatment for these types of injuries typically involves surgery and a lengthy recovery period. There could be cases that injured accident victims suffer minor injuries or soft tissue injuries whatever the case is you have to make sure to get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Take pictures of the area where you fell, as well as your injuries

It is important to take steps to protect your rights. One of the most important things you can do is to take pictures of the area where you fell as well as any subsequent injuries. This will help provide evidence that may be used in a personal injury claim against the property owner or manager responsible for your injuries. Taking pictures after an accident can be invaluable when making a successful case for damages.

Collect contact information from any witnesses who may have seen the incident occur

After suffering a slip and fall injury, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible. This includes collecting contact information from any witnesses who may have seen the incident occur. Having witness testimony can be invaluable in helping prove your case against the property owner or manager responsible for your injuries. no matter where the accident occurred make sure to ask for an accident report from the person in charge of the premises.

Notify the property owner or manager about what happened to you

If you have suffered an injury, it is important to notify the property owner or manager about what happened to you. Depending on the severity of your injuries, they may be required to take certain measures in order to ensure that similar incidents don't occur in the future. Notifying them right away is crucial because if too much time passes, they may not be held accountable for any damages. Before notifying them, it's best to gather as much evidence as possible in order to prove that the incident occurred due to their negligence. This could include photos of the scene with any hazards clearly identified and witness statements from bystanders who saw what happened.

Document all expenses related to your injury such as medical bills and lost wages due to missed work

It is important extremally important for an injured person to keep track of all expenses related to their injuries suffered. This includes any medical bills from your medical expenses as well as lost wages due to having to miss work because of the injury. Keeping a record of these costs will be essential when filing a personal injury claim against the legally responsible party with experienced slip and fall accident lawyers in Los Angeles like Babaians law firm. Follow through with all necessary steps in order to secure maximum compensation for damages incurred from the slip and fall accident.

Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are governed by premises liability law. When someone is injured in a slip and fall accident, the property owner or business owner may be held liable. This is because property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors under premises liability law. If a property owner is aware of a hazardous condition on their property and does not take steps to fix it, they may be held liable if someone is injured as a result. Business owners may also be held liable if they fail to maintain a safe environment for customers and employees. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to speak with an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall attorney to discuss your legal options.

How does the court decide liability in California slip and fall cases?

A few different factors will be examined under California law, including whether or not the defendant, in most cases the property owner, knew or should have known about the hazardous condition and if they failed to provide adequate protection, warning, or repair of the hazard. It is not reasonable to expect a property owner or a business owner to be all-knowing; therefore, conditions may arise that would make establishing liability more complex. The issue is one of reasonable care and foreseeability. Your Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer must prove to the court that the person who caused your injuries, such as a property owner where your slip and fall incident happen, could have foreseen the dangers of the situation and that the property owner's negligence to act caused you to sustain harm. in the case where negligence is established then the outcome would be that it was the property owner's fault and they would have to pay for the victim's injuries. At Babaians personal injury Law Firm, we care about fall victims as if you were part of our family. Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities, which is why our experienced Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorneys work with the best network of doctors to help you recover from your accident. We will work to ensure that your medical bills are paid, your lost wages are awarded and that you get the care and compensation you deserve.

Establishing Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

In state of California personal injury law dictates that the burden of proof in slip and fall cases is generally the plaintiff’s responsibility. That means you or your slip and fall accident lawyer Glendale, as plaintiff, will need to present enough evidence to establish that the defendant was at fault and prove negligence. Knowing how the other party might attempt to defend themselves can help you be prepared when you go to court. Some common defenses against liability in these cases can include: The injured party was trespassing The danger was obvious and easily avoidable The plaintiff acted in a way that endangered him or herself One of the most critical aspects of preparing for court is collecting evidence in your case. Your slip and fall attorney can help you prepare and gather the necessary proof, which may include surveillance or video footage, witness statements, and medical reports. Because California slip and fall cases follow the rule of pure comparative fault, you can still receive compensation even if you are found to be partially responsible for the accident. Any damages awarded to you by the court, including medical bills and lost wages, will be reduced by the percentage of fault you hold.

Recovering Damages

If you file a slip and fall case in California, you have the potential to be awarded economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are things that can be quantified or have already occurred. They include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages can be more challenging to determine the cost for because they do not generally come with set amounts. Emotional distress and pain and suffering are examples of non-economic damages you may receive for your slip and fall accident. On rare occasions, the court finds that the defendant acted so egregiously, maliciously, or negligently that they need to be punished. When this happens, punitive damages may be awarded. The court will evaluate the level of reprehensibility of the other party’s conduct, the total amount of harm you suffered, and the defendant’s ability to pay.

Statute of Limitations for Slip and Fall Claims

You do not have unlimited time to file your claim after you’ve been injured. A statute of limitations is a legal term for the amount of time you have to initiate your lawsuit. For slip and fall cases, this is usually two years from the date of the accident. There are exceptions, such as if a government agency is involved, in which the time frame changes. If you’re unsure about time periods or regulations in your California slip and fall case, please contact our Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer. It is best to get started with your claim as soon as possible, so you don’t miss any critical deadlines.

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