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Steps to Take After a Car Accident: Do You Need Uber or Lyft Car Attorneys?

August 14 , 2023

Uber or Lyft Car Attorneys | Uber or Lyft Car Accident in California | Car Accident Lawyer

The best part about taking an Uber or Lyft? The convenience. You won’t have to worry about parking or even how to get to your destination.

But what happens if you’re in an accident while in a vehicle under either of these ride-sharing platforms? Fact is, knowing what to do next will make your life easier.

When You Should Find a Safe Spot, When You Should Stay Still

Your health should be your top priority following an accident. If you’re able to, move to a secure place that’s away from traffic. However, if you suspect something more serious – like to your neck, spine or if you’re in intense pain or was knocked unconscious – then remain still and wait for medical staff. Either way, seek medical help as soon as possible, as some injuries take longer to manifest symptoms. Early medical intervention can help prevent future complications.

Alert Authorities: Establish a Factual Account

Don’t forget to involve the police. They’ll provide an official report documenting the incident, evidence that can prove invaluable during any ensuing legal matters. You should also notify the rideshare service about the accident via their app, which serves as another form of official record.

Gather Evidence: Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Case

In the age of smartphones, capturing visual evidence of an Uber or Lyft car accident in California is easy. Use your phone to take photographs or videos of the accident scene, including the vehicles, road conditions, and any visible injuries. Gather contact details of the other driver and any eyewitnesses who could potentially provide additional information. Once it’s available, obtain a copy of the police report to strengthen your case further.

Engage an Attorney: Safeguard Your Rights

Rideshare accidents can quickly spiral into complex legal issues due to the involvement of several parties. The rideshare company, their insurance provider, the driver, and potentially others all become part of the legal puzzle. Look for Uber or Lyft car attorneys experienced in handling these cases. Lyft accidents can help protect your rights, navigate these complexities, and ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Medical Documentation: Bolster Your Injury Claim

Your healthcare provider plays a significant role in validating your injury claim. Seek a comprehensive examination immediately after the accident and request a detailed medical report. This report should describe your injuries, the prescribed treatment plan, and an estimated recovery timeline. Such documentation is crucial in supporting your claim and accurately calculating potential compensation.

Limit Discussions: Preserve Your Claim

Uber or Lyft Car Attorneys

Discussing the accident or your injuries on social media platforms or with insurance representatives without your car accident lawyer present can hurt your chances of winning the case. Statements you make might be manipulated, misinterpreted, and used against you to reduce compensation.

File Your Claim: Pursue Fair Compensation

Guided by your attorney, you’ll file a compensation claim. In California, for instance, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft carry a $1 million liability policy, covering damages and injuries resulting from an accident caused by their drivers. However, various factors affect the amount of compensation, so you’ll need to talk to your lawyer to learn how much your maximum compensation can go.

Negotiate the Settlement: Ensure Your Rights Are Upheld

Insurance companies often propose a settlement rapidly. Always consult your attorney before accepting any offers. Some clients make the mistake of being in too much of a hurry that they sign the agreement. Some are pressured to settle. That’s why it’s wise to have