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Types of personal injury cases that attorneys in Glendale handle

August 12 , 2023

Personal Injury | Personal Injury Attorney | Glendale Personal Injury

You’ve been to the grocery store, gas station or fast-food restaurant and seen those “CAUTION: WET FLOORS” signs. The sign probably has a picture of someone falling, too. But what if there wasn’t a sign like that in place and you wound up falling, injuring yourself. Or what if there was a caution sign nearby, but you fell anyway?

Fact is, a simple misstep can cause severe injuries, like broken bones, sprains, or even head trauma. And now comes the mountain of medical expenses, the potential lost wages and the emotional distress of the situation.

That’s why seeking out the help of a personal injury lawyer in these very situations is essential. Were you recently injured but aren’t sure of your rights or if you have a legal case? Here are some of the most common personal injury cases:

Auto Accidents and You: When the Unthinkable Happens

With the number of vehicles zipping about in Glendale, auto accidents become an unfortunate yet recurring issue. One moment, you may be waiting at a red light patiently, only to be rudely jolted forward by a distracted driver rear-ending your vehicle. What’s worse, the shockwaves don’t stop at the immediate scare. You’re now left with a damaged vehicle and possible injuries. A Glendale personal injury attorney can help you. Look for skilled ones well-equipped to handle auto accident cases, who will tirelessly work to negotiate with insurance companies, and if necessary, defend your rights in court.

Navigate Slip and Fall Situations: Hold Property Owners Accountable

You enjoy shopping sprees. And one afternoon, browsing through sale signs and carrying bags, you slip on an unmarked wet surface. It causes a harsh and embarrassing fall. Your outing now turns into a personal injury case. Slip and fall situations, covered under premises liability laws, are more common than you think. Get help from lawyers experienced in holding property owners accountable for their negligence.

Workplace Injuries: Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

This time, you’re in a construction site downtown. A fellow worker accidentally drops a tool from a scaffold above. It lands on your hard hat, and though you escape with minor injuries, it reminds you that workplace accidents happen frequently. You could end up injured, saddled with a mountain of medical bills and unable to work, losing your wages. If you want to learn more about your rights and workers’ compensation, consult with experienced Glendale personal injury attorneys.

Patients’ Rights Advocacy: Navigating Medical Malpractice

You’re enroute to the doctor for a standard procedure. Suddenly, a medical mistake occurs and things take a catastrophic turn. With over 250,000 Americans tragically losing their lives to medical malpractice each year, it’s an all too possible scenario. It’s a betrayal of the trust you placed in your healthcare provider. Should you ever face such a predicament, your next move should be seeking out a proficient personal injury attorney to represent your case.

Combating Defective Products

Tackling Product Liability Imagine this: You’ve just purchased a new kitchen appliance with high expectations. But suddenly, it malfunctions, leading to a potential fire hazard. This could result in property damage and even put you and your family in harm’s way. That’s a textbook product liability case. However, with complex laws at play, you’ll need the expertise of a respected attorney to help you comprehend your rights and the legal landscape.

Dog Bite Incidents: Advocate for Victims of Uncontrolled Pets

You’re out for your usual morning jog, appreciating the fresh air, when a neighborhood dog breaks free from its leash and lunges at you. The resulting bite not only leaves physical scars but also imparts emotional trauma. Personal injury attorneys are also proficient in handling dog bite incidents. They can step in to help establish the pet owner’s liability and get the compensation you deserve for your ordeal.

Safeguarding Pedestrian Rights: Navigating the Aftermath of an Accident

Picture this: You’re crossing the street, putting your faith in drivers to honor pedestrian rights. Without warning, a distracted driver disregards the crosswalk rules. The unthinkable has occurred: you’re involved in a pedestrian accident.

These occurrences, unfortunately, are not as rare as they should be despite stringent traffic regulations.

Personal injury attorneys excel in navigating these complex cases, standing as staunch advocates for your rights. They strive tirelessly to ensure you receive the rightful compensation you deserve.

Pursuing Justice after Bicycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents

Say you’re out for a serene bicycle ride around Verdugo Park. Out of nowhere, a negligent motorist fails to see you, leading to a collision.

An afternoon of leisure has abruptly morphed into a personal injury legal predicament. The aftermath of a bicycle accident can feel daunting, adding stress to an already traumatic experience. But fear not. Seasoned personal injury attorneys are well-versed in such situations. They work relentlessly to secure compensation covering your medical bills, bicycle repairs, and even your emotional trauma.

Defective Drug Cases: Hold Companies Accountable

You’re prescribed a new medication to alleviate an ongoing health issue. Instead of providing relief, it causes adverse side effects due to a manufacturing defect, adding to your health woes. These instances are not just stressful but can also feel incredibly unfair. Hire an attorney who can hold pharmaceutical companies accountable in such cases. With their assistance, you can receive the justice you deserve. Reach out to one so you can learn more about your legal options and have a deeper understanding of how the case will move forward.